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The Bride and Her Maids by Stylistic86

I don't even know where to start..... Well for starters, if Lei Fang's meant to be the 'bride' in this picture, should she not maybe be...

The Chase by LatinVimes
by LatinVimes

Well, I particularly like what you've done with the wheels to represent movement. And the lights, unlike your wrestling pics where the ...



Group photo by anotherguttersnipe
Group photo
...Because at the end of the day, it's all fun and games as long as nothing gets broken.

Long story short, I wanted to see how many models I could fit in a single render. Total time for all 3 was 10 minutes. I'm sure I could fit two more into a scene before I risk a crash.
Aigle Trains for D.W.A by anotherguttersnipe
Aigle Trains for D.W.A
Bass: "If you can do half an hour in here with me, you're more than ready for the D.W.A!"

Aigle: "nnngh...... Aigle tough enough to do whole hour!"

Bass: "Well, if you insist kid....."

I'm not a big fan of xnalara. Posing models is awkward, and with the lack of lighting options that Daz Studio has, I need to put in twice as much post work for maybe half the quality. But when I heard that Aigle was finally available for xnalara, well I couldn't resist.
Pixiv by anotherguttersnipe
OK, so I've opened up a pixiv account-soley for the sake of uploading multiple pictures into a single entry. I'm thinking I might do this in the near future. I'll update as soon as the link is ready.…

...and, here it is. You'll need an account with your R-18 settings turned on to view the content though.
New avi by anotherguttersnipe
New avi
As much as I like the genesis 2 models, unfortunately, there certain things that can't be done with them as well as I can with the V4 models. On an mildly related note, I managed to come damn close to mimicking Hitomi's face from DOA5 on this model. *sighs* if only I had some converted hairprops to play around with. 

In anycase, I'll see to it that she's got a playmate soon enough. For now, I have a commission to work.
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I have to wonder if I still have any followers at this point.

But, if there are still a handful of you watching, let me explain why I've been inactive for so long, and what changes have been happening in my life just recently. My inactivity was due in part to my cramped home life. Since my mother's partner began working from home, those precious moments I had to myself became few and far between. Add a job with near full-time hours to that, and they became scarser still. To top it all off, my folks are loud people-especially when they got angry(which happened quite alot). And in a small house with no way to shut off the noise, well....... Well for the longest time, my motivation to even play a video game-let alone fire up Daz studio to make the things I make had pretty much all been soaked up.

However, all of that has changed...

After spending almost a decade of my young adult life living with various sets of parents/grandparents, I've finally settled into a rental property of my own. At long last, I have the time and space to find my motivation, and do things I enjoy again without feeling uncomfortable about it. However, this obviously comes at a cost. A monetary cost. Suddenly, much of my disposable income will now be directed towards overheads, such as rent, utilities, and the like. And ontop of that, all this comes at a time where my hours at work exist in limbo. While my job is not in any serious danger, there is a large risk of taking large cuts to my hours-which affects how well I'm able to put food on my table. Because of this, I'm now forced to do something here that I swore I'd never EVER do.


I've always wanted my artwork to be enjoyed for free, and for the most part it still will be. But as far a specific requests go now, my circumstances dictate that I can no longer do them out of the kindness of my heart. Although, given my current track record for fulfilling requests, perhaps doing things this way might motivate me to actually get shit done. Since I intend commissions to be an "on the side" thing rather than a reliable source of income, I will charge only $2.50 USD per picture-with whatever you want in it within reason(nudes, and rape scenes are no go's. Also depends on what's in my runtime folder but more on that soon). Here's how I intend this to work. What you'll do, is you'll drop me a PM with whatever it is you want commissioned, where we can discuss whether or not your commission is doable. It's important to note here that YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED UNTIL I FINISH YOUR PICTURE/S. That way, should for whatever reason your commission gets delayed, I haven't robbed you of your money for services unrendered. Once I am done with a picture, I will message you again with details on how to pay. Once I confirm your payment, I post your picture, and tag you in it. Your best bet as far as commissions go will be wrestling based, as this is what most of my props lean towards. But once I accumulate more stuff, then hopefully I can do all kinds of things.

Finally, I'm sorry to anybody I've let down/dissappointed/etc during my long inactivity. But I think that now, I'm in a position to make it up to everyone.

Peace :-)


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OMG I actually did something
Still in the process of saving up for a better laptop.....

Current Residence: Adelaide-that's all you're getting
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44th-Phantome Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Glad I stumbled across your work! You have some quality technical skills, plus a good eye for setting up a scene!
anotherguttersnipe Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2014
It's all in teh photoshopz man. But thank you anyways.
44th-Phantome Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
And thank you for giving me a watch too!
anotherguttersnipe Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014
All good dude. I respect those who can draw well manually.
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Wow. I gotta say. There's alotta cool stuff in here. Lots and LOTS of sci-fi gear. I have a question about some of your characters you sell-particularly your human characters(just as Miranda from Mass Effect). Are they standalone models, or are they sold as morphs for the base V4/M4 figure?

Edit: nvm. I believe I've just found my answer. Well, in that case.......
nth47 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014
Great pictures!
MDOWN2 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014
Question: Is there a hold where one contestant has the opponent's thigh in a scissors and pushes the other leg to the point of dislocating it? I saw something like that in Japan years ago and am not sure I can remember the details accurately. But I do know there was spectacular injury and I've often wondered whether this was a recognized technique.
anotherguttersnipe Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014
I'm actually not too sure. It sounds like a toe hold though.
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